Kuidas juhtida ja parandada LED täisvärviekraaniga videoseina kvaliteeti

The display effect of full-color LED display screen is directly related to users and audiences. In order to obtain a perfect use experience, it is necessary to control and improve the quality of LED display screen. Niisiis, how to control and improve the quality of LED full-color display? What are the important indicators that reflect the quality of special LED for full-color LED display?

led sein
As the most critical component of full-color LED-ekraan, LED devices have three reasons:
Esiteks, LED is the most used key device in the full-color screen, and thousands to tens of thousands of LEDs will be used per square meter;
Teiseks, LED is the main body that determines the optical display performance of the whole screen, which directly affects the audience’s evaluation of the display screen;
Thirdly, LEDs account for the largest proportion in the overall cost of the display screen, ranging from 30% kuni 70%. The selection of LEDs determines the quality of more than 50% of the entire display screen. If the LED is not selected properly, no matter how good the other parts of the display screen are, they can not make up for the defects in the quality of the display screen.
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