p2.976 led screen

P2.976 HD rental led video wall in GZ auto show

Size: 24 m2

Place: GZ

P2.976 full color LED rental screen product technical parameters: Specification p2.976 led rental screen pixel spacing 2.976 mm pixel composition 1R1G1B led type SMD pixel density 112896 points / m2 scanning mode

The high-end products of indoor HD LED display series are high refresh IC and SMD LED, wide band PFC function, high quality power supply, die casting aluminum box and other key materials, dynamic scanning mode, screen brightness up to 800-2000nits, with high density, high definition, high gray scale, high efficiency (energy saving), high contrast, high quality, unique appearance, safety, stability, reliability, rapid response and other advantages.
Product advantages
1. Ultra light and thin: single box 5-7.5kg, 70-100mm thick;
2. Ultra high refresh rate: it can ensure that HD cameras and cameras can capture high-definition and delicate display images when shooting;
3. Low brightness and high gray performance: in the case of low brightness, the gray level of display is uniform and the display consistency is good;
4. High contrast: mask design, black SMD, non reflective surface, large viewing angle, good display effect;
5. High uniformity of brightness and color: select the same batch of high-quality light-emitting devices to ensure high uniformity;
6. Adopt advanced blanking scheme: completely eliminate dark and bright, ghost phenomenon;