The characteristics of LED rental screens are as follows:

1. rental led screens like P2.6 P3.91 and P4.81 are lightweight, ultra-thin, and fast installation design, allowing you to complete the installation and disassembly of the display screen in a short time;
2. Support the arbitrary direction of signal lines to meet the arrangement and placement of different boxes, in order to create images with different effects;
3. Equipped with professional video processors, supporting signals such as AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI, etc;
4. Support 256 levels of brightness adjustment and custom white balance adjustment, allowing different batches of displays to be mixed for use;
5. Signal processing: The RTF series products adopt signal folding technology, and the unit modules do not need to be cascaded, greatly improving the product’s display performance. Adopting signal folding technology, unit modules do not need to be cascaded, greatly improving product display performance;
7. Module: Adopting large modules with only 4 modules per box, reducing internal wiring and improving product stability. The display module can be directly disassembled from the rear of the box without opening the box. The display module can be directly disassembled and assembled from the rear of the box without opening the box;

rental led screens
8. Back cover: Remove 4 screws and remove the back cover to maintain and replace the power supply and receiving card;
9. Heat dissipation plate: The use of aluminum base plate instead of traditional plastic bottom shell ensures flatness while improving product heat dissipation performance;
10. IC and driver: High refresh rate, high grayscale, high refresh rate, and high grayscale 16384 level grayscale products adopt high-end constant current drive chips with built-in PWM.
11. Capacity: A brand new structural design that meets the requirements of lifting and stacking, as well as indoor and outdoor requirements. Single box, compatible with multiple point distances, and compatible with indoor and outdoor modules;
12. High: High grayscale and high refresh rate design, with a grayscale level of 14 bits and a refresh rate>960Hz;
13. Low: Excellent heat dissipation design and performance, no need for external fans, air conditioning, etc., low noise; The box is lightweight and requires low installation costs; Low power consumption of the box, saving operating costs;
14. Equipped with various specifications of aviation boxes, it is convenient for storage and transportation of the box, and provides good protection for the LED display screen.
15. Tailor the most suitable LED display screen rental solution according to customer requirements and on-site environment.
LED rental screens are widely used in stage rentals, song and dance events, evening parties, various press conferences, exhibitions, theaters, performance halls, etc.

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