The main reasons why digital LED screen needs waterproof and moisture proof

The waterproof and moisture-proof of LED display screen has been a problem for end users, and the led wall manufacturer has been committed to strengthening the protection function of LED display screen to improve the service life and product quality of LED display screen and solve the industry pain point.
Why should the LED display screen be waterproof and moisture-proof? This is closely related to the humidity sensitivity of the LED display device, the humid climate in China, and more rain and dew in the application scene.curve led wall
Device protection
From the device level, LED display lamp beads are composed of precision devices such as lamp cups, brackets, wafers, leads, etc. because their raw materials are easily conductive metal materials, it is easy to cause short circuit of the circuit in case of water. As the most widely used packaging technology at present, SMD process uses high-temperature reflow soldering to weld the lamp beads on the circuit board, and the pins are used as the conductive path. There is a gap between the lamp beads and the PCB board. Therefore, the rain and dew solidified on the surface of the LED display screen is easy to leak through the gap, thus affecting the conductive effect of the pins on the lamp beads, resulting in the LED display screen breaking, dead lights, black screens and even safety accidents.
Particularity of application scenarios
The most important factor that led displays need to be waterproof and moisture-proof is the particularity of their application scenarios. Outdoor LED display screen is one of the most widely used and long-standing fields of LED display screen. The application scene is located outdoors or semi outdoors, which directly meets the invasion of rain. Therefore, the LED display screen needs a certain waterproof and moisture-proof performance to better protect the LED display beads and ensure the normal display of the LED display screen.
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