Definition of leasing LED display screens for stage rental.

Rental LED display screens are primarily used for rental purposes, using light-emitting diodes to emit main light to display information on the screen. Leasing refers to the use of leasing; LED is the first letter of the three words’ light emitting diode ‘in English; The meaning of the three words’ light emitting diode ‘is that the light emitting diode is abbreviated as LED; Display is the meaning of playing and displaying; Screen means screen. The common definition of leasing LED display screens is a screen used for leasing, which uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) to display information autonomously. The use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for self illumination is opposite to using LEDs as a backlight. The LED displays/displays commonly used in televisions, computers, and mobile phones cannot actually become LED displays, they can only become LCD displays/displays that use LEDs as backlight sources. LCD monitors and LED displays each have their own advantages. LCD monitors are widely used due to their small area, high resolution, and low unit price. LED display screens are relatively only used for large screens above 110 inches. LCD display is a product dominated by South Korea and has absolute advantages, while LED display is a product dominated by Chinese Mainland and has absolute advantages. 90% of the world’s LED display screens are made in China, and the production of LED chips, packaging, patch/lamp, modules and LED display box products is completed in Chinese Mainland. LED display screens are one of the most mature and rapidly developing application fields of LED. The LED industry is one of the strategic emerging industries supported by the state. The future development prospects are extremely broad.

rental led screen

Rental LED display screen product features
The box is lightweight, fast for disassembly and easy for transportation
Vivid colors and bright images can provide stunning visual effects
Quickly change the content of advertisements and monitor the operation of the screen in real-time
Meet the access of different video signals, freely play videos, images, and other content, and broadcast various information in real-time, synchronous, and clear information dissemination.
New Era has rich experience in stage rental application scenarios, tailoring high-quality rental display screen products for stage rental to meet various needs:
Not only is installation and disassembly convenient and fast, but it also has a cost advantage and is suitable for large-scale manufacturing of stage backgrounds.
The scenery displayed on the stage screen is realistic and abstract, creating a dreamlike effect.
High refresh rate, high gray scale, low brightness and high gray, meeting the requirements of live streaming shooting in different occasions, effectively avoiding black lines and flickering during live streaming.
Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, it supports the processing of various signals on stage, ensuring quality in signal processing, making it possible to play high fidelity image signals.

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