Knowledge of LED display screen size and measurement.

There are many factors that must be considered in the design process of LED screens, among which three factors must be considered:
a. The need to display content
b. Site spatial conditions
c. LED screen unit template size (indoor screen) or pixel density (outdoor screen)
The maximum resolution of a regular LED screen is generally 1200 rows x 1600 columns. Ultra large display screens can exceed this limit;
A common method is to use two sets of display control systems to splice together; Another approach is to design circuits using ultra fast chips.
Indoor LED screens are composed of several display unit templates; Unit templates are the basic components of display screens. The pixels of indoor screen display unit templates are generally 64 × 32 points or horizontally decomposed into two halves of 64 × 16 points. The size of display unit templates varies depending on the pixel diameter;

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When designing the accurate geometric dimensions of indoor LED screens, the size of the display unit template should be taken as the basis.
For example, based on site and financial factors, a P6 display screen with a size of approximately 1.5 meters (height) x 2.5 meters (length) is preliminarily selected. According to the reference data table of LED screen pixel density, information capacity, and viewing distance, it is known that the size of the P6 display unit board is 96mm (height) x 192mm (length), and the design result closest to the size requirement is:
(1) The total number of unit templates is: 16 (rows) x 13 (columns)=208 sheets,
(2) The precise net size of the display screen is: 1.536 meters (height) x 2.496 meters (length)=3.834 square meters
(3) The total pixel resolution is 416 (rows) x 256 (columns)
(4) The size of the outer border of the LED screen is 1.62 meters (height) x 2.58 meters (length) (with an additional 4CM on each side)
The size of the outer frame of indoor LED display screens can be determined according to requirements and should generally be proportional to the size of the screen body. The size of the outer border is usually 3CM-10CM (on each side).
High density semi outdoor display screens generally use the display unit board of indoor display screens, so the accurate geometric dimensions of the screen body are designed using the same method as indoor display screens.
The form of the display unit template for outdoor screens is a box, hence it is called a display unit box. The display unit box is the basic component of an LED screen. The pixels of the outdoor screen display unit box generally include 64 × 48 points, 64 × 32 points, and 32 × 32 points, and the size of the display unit box varies depending on the pixel diameter;
The final design result parameters for LED screen size specifications should include the following four points:
(1) Net size: mm (height) x mm (width)
(2) Resolution: Rows x Columns
(3) Net area: square meters
(4) External dimensions: meters (height) x meters (width)

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