p1.875 hd led video wall

P1.875 HD small pixel pitch for advertising video show

Size: 8m2

Place: Turkey

Indoor p1.8 display LED full-color screen is used in monitoring command center, radio and television station, advanced video conference, cinema, shopping mall, hotel, exclusive store and other places to replace LCD splicing wall and DLP projection splicing products

P1.875 full color LED display adopts SMD surface paste 1515 lamp beads three in one, which is mainly composed of red, green and blue colors; there are 284444 pixels per square meter, and the distance between each pixel is 1.875mm; the scanning mode is 32 scanning, and the power consumption per square meter is about 750 watts per square meter. The novel mask setting makes the color mixing more uniform, and the high-density pixels make the picture quality better The main technical parameters of p1.875-32s indoor LED display are as follows: the distance between physical points is 1.875mm; the size of unit board is 240x240mm; the size of unit box is 480 × 480 × 75