p3 indoor led display

P3 indoor fixed advertising led video wall for USA school

Size: 24 sqm

P3 indoor LED display mainly in high-end quality products, parameters, accessories, high specification requirements to ensure quality.

At present, the first tier cities are widely used. Museums, planetariums, science and technology museums, children’s palaces, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, waiting halls, star hotels, railway stations, ports, shopping malls, bars and other places can customize the installation scheme according to the indoor environment
This product is a P3 indoor LED display produced by LED chip (LED diode), not a touch screen, not a LCD screen
P3 indoor LED display is a medium and high-end product with strict requirements for chips, power supply, wire accessories and production assembly, which can ensure the quality effect and service life, and the production cost is also greatly increased. The price displayed in the price part of the page parameters is for reference only. The latest real-time price fluctuates with the market. The company will update the quotation of P3 indoor LED display once a month
Parameter description
Most of the parameters of P3 indoor LED display screen are the same as those of conventional LED display screen. The difference is that the display parameters and technical parameters of module and box are consistent, and the final display effect is also consistent.
The chips used in P3 indoor LED display adopt international and domestic high-end brands, and adopt Kerui, Jingyuan, Shilan and Guoxing. They are selected according to the requirements of installation environment. Professional answers and reasonable recommendations will be given after communication with business.
Now the P3 indoor LED display screen is full-color display screen, which can display 16.77 million full-color, RGB single core gray level is 256, which ensures the color uniformity and high contrast of the display screen, and the display content is more clear and realistic, with stronger visual impact.
With copper wire, alloy wire and gold wire packaging, the signal receiving distance can reach 120 meters, the power supply is more stable in the use process, which effectively delays the oxidation time of the chip, greatly prolongs the service life, and the dead lamp rate has reached 1.5 million.
P3 indoor LED display box adopts high temperature spraying technology, which can effectively prevent rust, and the flatness of the box is controlled at 0.1 mm before and after installation. The die-casting aluminum box is processed by CNC fine scientific digital processing, with a stronger sense of detail and an error of less than 0.1 mm, which is truly seamless