Development analysis of outdoor LED traffic guidance screen

The application of LED electronic screen in road traffic shows the acceleration of road information construction. With its common advantages of high brightness, long service life and high reliability, LED electronic screen can be used for road condition prompt, advertising push and public information release in road traffic, making great contributions to promoting intelligent transportation.First, simply disturb the driver and affect the driver. The LED electronic screen for road traffic is a typical outdoor application, and the biggest question to face is the strong light environment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the picture content is effectively obtained. This kind of commodity requires high brightness. When driving at night, a large-scale LED electronic screen looks like the headlights of dozens of cars shining on the drivers opposite, seriously affecting the driving safety if it is not reduced.

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In addition, the LED electronic screen is famous for its rich color and dynamic expressiveness, while the driver’s line of sight is simply attracted by the above content to form a lack of attention, burying potential safety hazards.
Secondly, the quality of LED electronic screen is dangerous. As the LED electronic screen is used in highway traffic, it needs to be exposed in the outdoor environment. Natural damage such as wind, rain and lightning will affect the normal use of goods. Moreover, the LED electronic screen is built on both sides of the highway. After the fault occurs, the manufacturer’s response to repair is relatively slow. In this case, it is easy to bring danger to the safety of adjacent roads.
Therefore, if the LED electronic screen with poor quality is selected, it may not be reinforced, repaired and replaced in time. In case of strong wind and rainstorm, very serious results will occur.
There is no perfect work. The prospect of using LED electronic screen products in highway transportation is very broad. There is no doubt that in the process of application, how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages and make good use of it is what we need to do most.

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