Several key problems to be considered in the design of LED large screen

With the development of science and technology, LED large screens are more and more widely used. When purchasing LED large screens, it is necessary to consider the scale, specification, energy consumption, environment and other factors of LED large screens. Here are how to select LED electronic screens.Screen scale planningoutdoor fixed led display (4)
When planning the screen size, there are three primary elements:
1. Display content requirements
2. Site space conditions
3. Unit size or pixel size of electronic screen
Generally, the maximum resolution of LED electronic screen is 768 lines × 1024 columns. Special electronic screens can exceed this limit. The common method is to combine two screens; The other is to use ultra-high speed chip to plan the circuit, but the cost is high.
The scale of the external frame of the indoor electronic screen can be customized according to the requirements, which should generally be proportional to the size of the screen. The dimension of the outer frame is generally 4cm-10cm (each side).
As for the outdoor screen, we should first determine the pixel scale. The selection of pixel scale should not only consider the requirements of display content and site space elements mentioned above, but also consider the installation orientation and sight distance. If the installation orientation is farther from the main sight distance, the larger the pixel scale should be. Because the larger the pixel scale, the more light-emitting tubes in the pixel, the higher the brightness, and the farther the useful sight distance. However, the larger the pixel scale, the lower the pixel resolution per unit area and the less content displayed.
Power consumption and power request
The power consumption of electronic screen is divided into uniform power consumption and maximum power consumption. Uniform power consumption, also known as operation power consumption, is the actual power consumption at ordinary times. The maximum power consumption refers to the power consumption when starting or under pole conditions such as full light.
Note: the AC220V power input grounding terminal of the microcomputer has been connected with the microcomputer casing.
Questions that led outdoor electronic screen should be considered in particular
The first questions of outdoor screen are as follows:
The electronic screen is installed outdoors, often exposed to the sun and rain, with wind blowing and dust cover, and the working environment is poor. Wetting or severe dampness of electronic equipment will lead to short circuit and even fire, failure and even fire, resulting in loss. The electronic screen may be attacked by strong electricity and strong magnetism caused by lightning.

Install lightning protection equipment on electronic panels and buildings. The main body and shell of the electronic screen adhere to excellent grounding, and the grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms, so that the large current caused by lightning can be discharged in time.

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