How to repair and reinforce outdoor LED advertising screen

As a typical representative of outdoor application of LED advertising screen, outdoor LED is suitable for many fields because of its convenient maintenance, energy and power saving, stable and reliable operation. Basically, there are many forms of common LED advertising screens, but no matter which one, good color expression is a beautiful scenery in a prosperous city.

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In order to use the outdoor LED advertising screen well, the installation and commissioning link is essential. For the technical construction personnel, understanding the skills of outdoor construction and maintenance of advertising screen will effectively promote the advertising and information dissemination of businesses, which must be familiar to the technical construction personnel. Specifically, the installation of outdoor advertising board LED advertising screen has four links: field investigation, equipment construction, installation, commissioning and use.
When building outdoor LED display screen, we should distinguish between wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof advertising screen. During the actual installation, the crane and winch shall be used for sectional hoisting according to the distance and height, and the above personnel shall cooperate with each other. For the LED advertising screen of high-altitude operation, there is a better installation and use process. During the construction process, safety and fine operation are the first requirements.
Of course, as an excellent LED advertising screen construction personnel, it is not enough to only install. The main support structure of outdoor LED advertising screen is usually made of steel materials. In the open environment, it is very easy to be oxidized and lead to corrosion due to the influence of temperature, humidity, harmful substances and other factors. Serious corrosion can greatly reduce the load resistance of steel components. Therefore, Being familiar with some maintenance and reinforcement methods is also one of the homework of construction personnel.
Maintenance and reinforcement methods of outdoor LED advertising screen:
1. Foundation expansion method: by setting concrete enclosure or reinforced concrete enclosure, increase the area of the bottom foundation of outdoor LED billboard, and change the uneven settlement of the foundation caused by the small bottom area of billboard foundation and insufficient bearing capacity.
2. Pit underpinning method: directly excavate the pit under the underpinned foundation and pour concrete.
3. Pile underpinning method: static pressure column, driven pile, cast-in-place pile and other piles are set at the lower part or both sides of the billboard foundation for foundation reinforcement.
4. Grouting underpinning method: the chemical slurry is evenly injected into the foundation, and the LED display manufacturer cements and solidifies the original loose soil or cracks through these slurry, so as to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation, waterproof and impermeable.
Deviation correction is to use artificial means to make the tilted foundation reverse tilt, so as to achieve the purpose of correcting the tilt of outdoor LED advertising screen.

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